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Carolina Ethics Line

Carolina Ethics Line is a secure method through which to submit an anonymous report either online or by telephone. All reports submitted through Carolina Ethics Line will be given careful attention by appropriate UNC-Chapel Hill offices and officials. Anyone filing a report via Carolina Ethics Line should retain the report key and password and return to the website within 10 working days to check for comments or follow-up questions.


The University has designated offices, employees and resources to help maintain ethical standards across our campus and to provide appropriate responses to complaints and concerns. By selecting a category below, you can access specific reporting tools, which will bring your complaint or concern to the appropriate individual(s) or office(s) for resolution. These reporting resources are not intended to replace regular channels of professional communication.


To report potential or known academic misconduct or dishonesty related to the education or scholarship of students. Concerns may relate to actions of students, faculty or staff members.


To report potential or known issues related to compliance with rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Atlantic Coast Conference, in addition to the University system and campus policies.

Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct

To report potential or known unfair or discriminatory treatment of or systematic/continued unwanted behavior toward an individual based on age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.


To report potential or known issues related to misuse or waste of University resources such as fraud, theft or embezzlement. Also, falsification or improper disclosure of University records, improper vendor or contractor activities, or unethical accounting practices.

Health and Safety

To report potential or know issues related to unsafe working conditions; hazardous materials theft, release, exposure, or disposal; indoor air quality or mold; fire and egress risks; or, failure to meet applicable law, rule, or regulation relating to the environment, working conditions, or workplace safety.


To report potential or known issues related to research or scientific misconduct such as animal research noncompliance, conflict of interest, export control violations, human subject research noncompliance, misuse of intellectual property or confidential information, or falsification of research results.

Privacy and Information Technology

To report concerns relating to any use of Information Technology or potential misuse of sensitive information at UNC-Chapel Hill. Information Technology concerns may be related to appropriate use, security violations, phishing, copyright issues, or misuse of any computers, networks, other IT systems, or the information they contain including privacy or confidentiality concerns.


Retaliation is defined as acts or words taken against an individual, because of the individual’s participation in a protected activity that would discourage a reasonable person from engaging in such protected activity.


To report incidents or concerns not addressed by any of the other categories. If you are unsure of what reporting channel to utilize you may submit a question to the Chief Integrity and Policy Officer and it will be directed to the appropriate office.

Student Complaints

Students who wish to report complaints, incidents, or concerns not addressed by any of the listed categories may contact a representative from the Office of the Dean of Students at (919) 966-4042, NC Relay: 711, or Visit the Office of the Dean of Students website to find more information about reporting a student complaint or grievance.