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To report potential or known academic misconduct or dishonesty related to the education or scholarship of students. Concerns may relate to actions of students, faculty, or university staff members. Forms of academic dishonesty include but are not limited to: falsification, fabrication or misrepresentation of information or citations in connection with an academic assignment; unauthorized assistance or collaboration; cheating on examinations or other academic assignments; and other violations of procedures pertaining to the university’s academic process.

To report unfair treatment or consideration of an individual based on age, color, disability, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, and veteran status.

To report student or student applicant complaints related to the academic experience at the University.

Carolina Ethics Line

Carolina Ethics Line is a secure method through which to submit an anonymous report either online or by telephone. All reports submitted through Carolina Ethics Line will be given careful attention by appropriate UNC-Chapel Hill offices and officials. Anyone filing a report via Carolina Ethics Line should retain the report key and password and return to the website within 10 working days to check for comments or follow-up questions.

Office of Student Conduct

Any person may report suspected misconduct by a UNC-Chapel Hill student to the Honor System using this online reporting system. A report can be made about an academic or conduct violation. The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance, which contains the Honor Code, governs student conduct and adjudication of potential Honor Code violations.

Reports involving discrimination or harassment, as well as potential student conduct violations, will be shared with the EOC.

Student and Academic Services Building (SASB) North, Suite 1125
Campus Box #5100
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone: 919-962-0805

Office of the Provost

Inquiries and concerns about Academic Affairs should be directed to the relevant Department Chair or Dean. For issues affecting multiple units or related to the whole University, the Office of the Provost may be an important resource.  The Provost leads the University in its academic planning and in the setting of academic values, policies, and practices.

104 South Building
Campus Box #3000
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone: 919-962-3622

Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office

Students, employees, applicants and visitors may access the reporting form on the EOC website, which contains specific instructions and information about reporting in addition to contact information for the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.

137 E. Franklin St., Suite 404
Campus Box #9160
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone: 919-966-3576

Grade Appeals

Students with complaints related to course grades may appeal grades following the procedures in the Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate School Handbook.


As provided in the University’s Admissions Policy, student applicants may appeal admissions decisions to the administrative officer (the director of undergraduate admissions, the dean of The Graduate School, the dean of the professional school concerned, or the dean of Summer School) whose office had responsibility for the admission in question under the procedures described in the Admissions Policy.

Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS)

Students or applicants who wish to appeal a determination by ARS that the individual is not eligible for disability accommodations or that a requested accommodation cannot be provided have several options for appeal.  Information regarding these review processes is described in the ARS Policy on Accommodations Appeals.