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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is dedicated to fostering a campus community that upholds the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

The University encourages all members of the community – students, faculty and staff – to be an active part of achieving excellence in all our work and welcomes ideas and feedback for how to best support a culture of ethics and integrity.


The Office of Ethics and Policy was created in 2016 by Chancellor Carol Folt, at the joint recommendation of the Ethics and Integrity and Policy and Procedures working groups to, “create a new office at UNC-Chapel Hill to strengthen a culture of ethical behavior and integrity and provide a robust structure for policy management practices that support such behavior.” Chancellor Folt appointed Dr. Kim Strom as Director of Ethics and Policy on August 1, 2016.

Old Well

Since its founding, the Office of Ethics and Policy has:

  • Revamped the University policy process through new policies, procedures, and standards
  • Substantively and materially revised numerous University policies
  • Migrated hundreds of policy documents into the new policy templates
  • Decommissioned several redundant University policies
  • Revamped UNC’s compliance hotline and evaluated the adequacy of initiatives to encourage ethics and integrity on campus
  • Launched the “Carolina Ethics Line” branding campaign in November 2018
  • Provided quarterly reports of Carolina Ethics Line trends to Cabinet, the Carolina Ethics Line Incident Managers and other relevant parties.
  • Launched the UNC “Speak Up” Campaign