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The Office of Ethics and Policy is responsible for providing ethical guidance for the University as well as maintaining a Policy Repository of all University Policies, Standards, and Procedures that is comprehensive, equitable and accessible. In an effort to provide the University with all necessary guidance and information, the following resources and Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) are provided for your use. Please feel free to contact the Office of Ethics and Policy with any questions or concerns and subscribe to our monthly ethics and policy newsletter, “The Compass”, for training and news updates.

These materials detail how to access and understand policy at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Policy Lifecycle
    A detailed explanation of the University policy lifecycle is included in the University Policy Framework and University Procedure for Policy Management. The Policy Lifecycle starts with the creation of a new policy and is maintained with comprehensive reviews of existing policies. When a policy no longer serves a necessary purpose or has been incorporated into new policies, a policy may need to be retired.
  • Policy 101: Understanding University Policies Computer-Based Module icon
    This training is geared towards anyone looking to review University policies or search the Policy Repository. This training provides a more detailed overview of the policy process as well as key terms you will come across.
  • Policy 101: How does Policy Work at UNC-Chapel Hill? Quick reference card icon
These materials detail how to write policies from the ground up and edit them within the policy repository.


  • Quick Reference Card Quick reference card icon
  • Guide Guide icon
  • Computer-Based Module Computer-Based Module icon
Training for Non-University Affiliates: contact the Office of Ethics and Policy at for access.