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Fall 2023 Interns
Fall 2023 Interns: James Mullen, Sierra President, Georgia Roda-Moorehead, and Rink Dingemans

The Office of Ethics and Policy coordinates the Ethics and Policy Internship program to provide UNC-Chapel Hill students with direct experience in supporting and enhancing University operations. This is a paid internship corresponding with the academic calendar, offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.


UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Role Description

Ethics and Policy Interns assist with various tasks, such as:

  • Researching and benchmarking policies from UNC-Chapel Hill’s peer universities
  • Reviewing and revising existing UNC-Chapel Hill policies
  • Conducting research to help UNC-Chapel Hill create new policies
  • Assisting with event planning and management
  • Creating consistent content for social media
  • Writing blog posts highlighting ethics or policy-related issues or questions
  • Curating and publishing the Ethics and Policy monthly newsletter

By means of supporting the policy lifecycle, Ethics and Policy Interns help promote Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Community into all University policy. Read more in our Statement of Ethics.

Work Schedule

Ethics and Policy Interns are expected to complete eight (8) hours of work in person at the Ethics and Policy Office during academic weeks of the semester. Interns may work remotely up to two additional hours per week with prior approval. Interns are not required to work on student holidays, as defined by the Academic Calendar, or expected to make up those hours at a later date.

Application Process

Intern applications for Fall 2024 will be opened in late Spring and will be posted on Handshake.

Student Takeaways

Ethics and Policy Interns assist the Office in advancing the University’s Strategic Initiatives:

  • Strengthen Student Success: Ethics and Policy provides a student-centered experience that facilitates learning, is collaborative, develops individual strengths, and encourages the ethical use and application of data.
  • Enable Career Development: Interns develop their technical skills and soft skills through research, writing, presentation, and networking opportunities.
  • Promote Democracy: Interns help Ethics and Policy actively engage as diverse citizens to work through difficult ethical and policy issues. Interns also work constructively across differences in society, starting by promoting respect and listening.
  • Optimize Operations: Interns help Ethics and Policy design, assess, and continuously improve University policies and the University‚Äôs ethical landscape. This helps the University function more efficiently, ethically, and effectively.


For any questions, please contact the Office of Ethics and Policy.