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To promote a culture of transparency and accountability at Carolina.


In 2022-2023, the Office of Ethics and Policy helped build a culture of openness, responsibility and ethical behavior. This focus aligned with the University’s strategic plan. Events like Global Ethics Month fostered a sense of belonging and community. Creating and updating University policies helped the University be more efficient.

Design, implement, execute, assess and continuously improve the administrative operations that support the University’s mission of teaching, research and public service.

Fiscal Year Achievements

Improve Administrative Operations
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised undergraduate interns.
  • Created online and on-demand ethics and policy trainings.
Nimble Approach and Adaptability
  • Timely review and publication of policy updates.
  • Strengthened relationships with University units through collaboration and ready availability.
  • Expedited policy review and publication to meet regulatory and other deadlines.
Enhance “Compliance Readiness”
  • Collaborated with University units to ensure that their policy practices align with daily practice.
  • Drafted and advocated for a University Hotline Policy.
  • Advised leadership on the creation of a University-wide values statement.
Invest in policies, systems, and infrastructure that promote belonging, community and transparency throughout the University community.

Fiscal Year Achievements

Maintain Centralized University Policies
  • Managed, organized and improved policy repository.
  • Coordinated new and updated policies with University stakeholders.
  • Facilitated monthly policy review processes.
  • Communicated with the University community about policy changes.
Systematically Review and Examine Policies
  • Supported University units including Research, ITS, Student Affairs and the Provost’s Office.
  • Updated materials in response to commonly asked questions.
  • Benchmarked with peer institutions.
  • Alerted University units of out-of-date policies.
Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Applied policy equity audit in all policy reviews.
  • Responded to policy research inquiries about generative AI, reasonable accommodations, gender inclusivity, field trips and other issues.
  • Researched peer institution policies for comparative analysis in policy development.
Address Institutional and Individual Threats to Integrity
  • Responded to 70 Carolina Ethics Line reports to ensuring every situation is properly addressed.
  • Sponsored Global Ethics Month including speakers, panels and awareness events.
  • Developed content for Speak Up Carolina.
  • Ethics and policy blog posts in The Compass, the Office of Ethics and Policy newsletter.

The Office of Ethics and Policy has set the following goals for the 2024 fiscal year:


  • Establish and advance a University Hotline Policy.
  • Refine metrics to track progress of University policy document reviews, revisions and compliance.
  • Inform Carolina Ethics Line improvements.


  • User-friendly, accessible Office of Ethics and Policy website.
  • Better communicate University policies, values and events through a more active and consistent presence on social media.
  • Increase Office communication and visibility.


  • Assist University units with policy development or concerns.
  • Streamline response to frequently asked questions.
  • Reduce the backlog of out-of-date policies.
  • Maximize policy repository potential and privacy.
  • Include unit level policies in University processes and Policy Repository.