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Understanding and following Carolina’s policies is an essential part of integrity at UNC. In order to live up to our standards of excellence, all members of the UNC community must be committed to personal and collective ethics.

Our integrity is based on values such as honesty, inclusion, fairness, and accountability. This office strives to build and support a climate of integrity by:

  • Operating Carolina Ethics Line to detect and address unethical behavior.
  • Offering resources such as Speak Up Carolina to build our capacity to personally respond when troubling interactions arise.
  • Collaborating with other ethics, compliance, and educational resources on campus to develop training and services for ethical action.
  • Supporting people who do the right thing and uphold ethical standards. They make UNC a better place.
  • Communicating about policies, news stories, legislation and other events that are relevant to integrity at UNC.
  • Celebrating events such as Global Ethics Day, calling attention to the importance of integrity in our professional and personal lives.