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The Policy Review Committee met in the Pleasants Family Room in Wilson Library on Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.

Training Presentation

Policy Review Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

Brent Eisenbarth, the Administrative Specialist in the Office of Ethics and Policy, presented a brief training on the roles and responsibilities of PRC members. The presentation slides are available on the Office of Ethics and Policy’s Training and Resources webpage as the “Policy 301: Guiding Policy Maintenance” training.

Policy Updates

Managing Clinical Research Administrative Data Policy and Standard

Christina Smith, the Director of Clinical Research Informatics in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, presented a new University policy and standard establishing that all University researchers conducting clinical research must store administrative data related to that research within the University clinical research administrative data system, OnCore. Smith also explained the roll-out process of the new system, including training and communication efforts.

Compliance with the NCAA Policy on Campus Sexual Violence

Elizabeth Hall, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, presented a new University policy and procedure clarifying how the University complies with the NCAA’s Policy on Campus Sexual Violence. Hall explained how this new University policy streamlines the University’s preexisting response systems.

Security Camera Policy

Derek Kemp, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety and Risk Management, presented the University’s updated Security Camera Policy (formerly known as the CCTV Policy). Kemp explained the updated policy clarifies where the University will and will not place security cameras to balance privacy concerns with the need for public safety. Kemp praised the campus-wide collaboration on this project and explained one goal of the project is for authorized individuals to have access all security camera footage through one comprehensive system in the event of an emergency. Kemp also clarified that the updated policy does not change the ownership or regular operation of the security cameras.

Emergency Management Information Classification Standard

Darrell Jeter, Director of Emergency Management and Planning, presented the University’s new Emergency Management Information Classification Standard. Jeter explained the new standard creates a “traffic-light” system to safeguard confidential security information. Jeter also explained how this new standard aligns with other University data classification standards and emergency management best practices.

Presentation: Policy Framework and Procedure for Policy Management

Zoë Brockenbrough, a Summer 2023 Intern in the Office of Ethics and Policy, presented updates to the University’s Policy Framework and Procedure for Policy Management. Brockenbrough explained that she and University Policy Analyst Shoshana Ellis had reorganized the policy and standard and used the Policy Equity Audit methodology to make the policy and procedure easier to read. Brockenbrough also explained that the Policy Framework’s formal title is changing back to “Policy on Policies” to better align with auditor and accreditor expectations.

Presentation: Policy Numbering System

Emma Thomas, a Summer 2023 Intern in the Office of Ethics and Policy, presented her research on how different institutions of higher education (including peer and UNC system institutions) organize their policy into one of four types: Numbered, Categorical, Hybrid (Numbered and Categorical) or No Organization. Thomas noted that UNC-Chapel Hill currently uses a Categorical system and recommended the University maintain its current structure but explore how to adapt the University’s electronic policy repository to make the Categorical system easier to navigate.

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