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Bad City: A Conversation with the Author

Zoom Event

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Paul Pringle’s new book, Bad City, details his struggles investigating shocking misconduct by a former dean at the University of Southern California medical school. Pringle’s book is a study about complicity and abuses of power by … Read more

So you Want to Work in Ethics?

Zoom Event

Do you want to work in ethics? The Office of Ethics and Policy has assembled several individuals who have careers related to compliance, ethics, and integrity. Ask them questions about their career trajectories and learn about ethics-related work! Event Information … Read more

Am I My Colleague’s Keeper?

Zoom Event

What are our responsibilities when uncomfortable or unethical situations arise in the workplace? Even when behavior is clearly impaired, incompetent, or illegal, how much can and should colleagues reasonably do to address the problems? This session will explore a range … Read more