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The Policy Review Committee met via Zoom on Thursday, January 25, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. 

Policy Updates

Facilities Use Standard

George Battle, Vice Chancellor for the Institutional Integrity and Risk Management (IIRM), presented the updated Facilities Use Standard. This revised standard clarifies where people may use chalk outdoors on campus and states that Facilities will clean all chalking weekly to ensure a content-neutral refresh. Facilities will also remove any chalkings in unapproved locations as soon as reported.

Administrative Updates

Shoshana Ellis, University Policy Analyst, presented the new PRC Training “Policy 301”. This training provides an overview of PRC member roles and responsibilities. This training will be used to onboard new PRC members and refresh current PRC members annually.

The annual PRC celebration will be moved to May 2024 based on feedback after last year’s July PRC Celebration.

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