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The Policy Review Committee met via Zoom on Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Policy Updates

Amplified Sound Policy

Victoria Boykin of Carolina Union presented the modifications to the existing Amplified Sound Policy. The main purpose of this policy revision was to simplify the existing language as it only applies to The Pit and surrounding areas. Carolina Union will consider whether this policy can be merged with the University Facilities Policy, where amplified sound for non-Pit locations is already addressed.

Signage and Advertising Policy & Request to Retire: Digital Advertising Policy

Victoria Boykin also presented updates to the Signage and Advertising Policy. The modifications consolidated the original Signage and Advertising Policy with the Digital Advertising Policy and fixed links that had broken after Carolina Union updated its website. Because the Digital Advertising Policy was merged into the Signage and Advertising Policy, the Digital Advertising Policy can now be retired.

Rental Policy

Finally, Victoria Boykin presented a new Rental Policy. The new policy outlines how University members can reserve and use resources and equipment from the Carolina Union. These items include tables, chairs, portable public address, and enhancement lighting. While this policy memorializes existing Carolina Union practice, Carolina Union will consult with the Office of University Counsel prior to publishing this policy in the University Policy Repository.

Disciplinary Action Policy

Angenette McAdoo and Donna James-Whidbee from the University’s Office of Human Resources (OHR) presented an updated Policy resulting from changes to the Disciplinary Action Policy at the state level. This policy covers SHRA employees specifically, not EHRA employees, student employees, or faculty. This policy formalizes a lot of practices OHR has already implemented, including formal notification before separation, Employee Assistance Program referrals to employees as needed, and virtual pre-disciplinary conferences.

Administrative Updates

The PRC is looking to recruit a representative from the Graduate and Professional Student Government.

The University has published guidelines to help University students, faculty, and staff understand when and how to use Generative Artificial Intelligence platforms like ChatGPT. The guidelines address research, teaching, coursework, and administrative work. The guidelines are posted on the Office of the Provost’s website.

Finally, the Office of Ethics and Policy is sponsoring Global Ethics Month in October. Planned events can be found on the Office of Ethics and Policy website and on Heel Life.

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