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The Policy Review Committee met via Zoom on Thursday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m.

Capital Equipment Inventory and Reporting Policy and Procedures

Ammar Yameen, Director of eProcurement & Materials Management presented on updates to the PRC on Finance Policy 603 – Capital Equipment Inventory and Reporting Policy and related Procedures. State requirements mandate a yearly review of Capital Equipment inventory, and Yameen revised the policy for simplicity and clarity. The Policy Review Committee advised removing a reference to non-capital equipment in a supporting Procedure, as it may conflict with how ITS tracks non-capitalized IT equipment. Yameen is discussing the PRC’s recommendations with Finance and Budget leadership before publishing the revised Finance Policy 603 and related Procedures.

SHRA Grievance Policy

Angenette McAdoo, Senior Director, Employee & Management Relations at UNC-Chapel Hill, presented changes to the UNC System Office’s SHRA Employee Grievance Policy. The UNC System Office updated the Policy’s timeline and definitions, and clarified the Policy still applies to UNC Police even though those positions were recently converted from SHRA to EHRA-Non Faculty.

Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Policy

Katie Nolan, Ashley Hockaday and Tyler Enlow of the Office of Human Resources (OHR) presented the Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Policy. This is a new Policy explaining the performance management expectations for SNRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees. The Policy replaces the UNC-Chapel Hill Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Policy, which has been retired. OHR will publish supporting Procedures for the new Policy in the coming weeks.

Workplace Violence Policy

Katie Nolan, Executive Director of Strategy, Policy, and Special Projects for the UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance, presented updates to the Workplace Violence Policy. These updates transition reporting and investigation responsibilities to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office and realigns information between the Policy and its supporting Procedure. These changes go into effect on April 1, 2023.

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