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The Policy Review Committee convened via Zoom on Thursday, November 10 at 10:00 am.

How to Create Equitable and Accessible Policies

Brent Eisenbarth, administrative specialist for Ethics and Policy, updated the PRC on the new interactive training series for writing equitable and accessible policies. This new training tool will increase efficiency, assist with departmental task delegation, and support the onboarding process of new staff members. Introducing this newly restructured process will help create long-term structure, provide training metrics, and essential feedback.

Kim Stahl, ITS Senior Policy and Process Lead, and Michael Smith, Summer School Director of Administration, presented on their policy workshopping process and discussed their own experiences making policies more equitable and accessible. Stahl and Smith connected the PRC with technical writing resources such as Quillbot and the Hemingway app. The PRC applied these techniques to a sample policy.

This training, along with additional videos, will be available on Carolina Talent and the Ethics and Policy website.

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