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The Policy Review Committee convened via Zoom on Thursday, October 13 at 10:00 am.

Policy Discussion – Minors on Campus

For the first time ever, the PRC debated the potential need for a future University policy, rather than providing feedback on a new policy that has already been drafted or an existing policy that is being updated.

Starr Sanders, Protection of Minors Program Director, briefed the PRC on the recent increase in reported incidents of minors in academic and work spaces on campus. The PRC discussed the root causes of the emerging issue and debated different potential policy and management approaches to address the situation while ensuring the safety of all minors on campus. Starr will return to the November PRC meeting to continue the conversation.

Policy Writing Resources

The Office of Ethics and Policy will present training tools and resources to the committee in November to help liaisons manage their Unit’s policy revisions. This was scheduled for the October meeting but had to be pushed to November because of the robust discussion about minors on campus.

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