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The Policy Review Committee convened for its monthly meeting on August 25 at 10 am via Zoom.

Office Updates

The Office and Ethics and Policy is finalizing the Associate Director of Ethics and Policy Search. Additionally, the Office of Ethics and Policy presented an updated Style Guide to the committee.

Student Death Protocol

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success and Administration Jonathan Sauls presented the University’s new Student Death Protocol to the committee, which outlines administrative response to such events. The protocol memorializes existing practices and clarifies general expectations, particularly around communication. It is being made available for public view to preemptively respond to inquiries from students, student groups, parents/family members, alumni, and media who may lack understanding of or sensitivity to the privacy or other concerns that relate to the University’s response to the death of a student.

The committee discussed how the protocol would connect with other University documents, such as the Missing Person Protocol, and whether a policy on employee death may be needed.

Human Resources Policies

Adam Beck, Senior Director, Classification and Compensation, briefed the committee on the SHRA Sign-On and Retention Bonus Policy. This new policy reflects a recent policy adopted by the North Carolina Office of Human Resources (OSHR) that allows the University to offer sign-on and retention bonuses for SHRA positions carrying out mission-critical services and initiatives when necessary to recruit or retain employees in hard-to-fill positions. The policy outlines the eligibility requirements and the details for payout. The policy mirrors the OSHR policy provisions.

Angenette McAdoo, Senior Director, Employee and Management Relations, briefed the committee on updates to the Workplace Violence Policy. The policy was updated to reflect OSHR revisions, clarify the scope of the policy, comply with the University Policy Template, and make the defined terms in the policy better match the definitions of the same words in other policies, such as the Title IX Policy.

Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Conduct and the Procedures for Addressing Misconduct Involving a Carolina Community Academy Student as a Reporting or Responding Party

Katie Nolan, Executive Director of Strategy, Policy and Special Projects, presented changes on the PPDHRM and introduced the new Procedures for Addressing Misconduct Involving a Carolina Community Academy Student as a Reporting or Responding Party. UNC-Chapel Hill will be directly running the Carolina Community Academy (CCA), a K-2 elementary school in Roxboro, NC, so the PPDHRM needed several updates to align with federal K-12 policy requirements. The procedure added language that applies when a CCA student is involved in a report of misconduct under this policy or the Title IX policy.

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