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The University Policy Review Committee (PRC) met virtually on May 26, 2022 and discussed several policy updates.

Policy on Graduate Student Health Insurance Program

Christine Shia, Communications Specialist for the Department of Finance and Budget, shared that changes in graduate student insurance now allow students to retain coverage to the end of the insurance policy contract. Previously, coverage only extended to the end of the semester.

Policy and Procedures on the Acquisition of Capital Equipment and Appropriate Inventory Methods

Ammar Yameen, Director of eProcurement and Materials Management in the Department of Finance and Budget, detailed updates to the Finance Policy 602 and related procedures on acquisition of capital equipment and inventory. The changes added more precise language describing how purchasers must handle capital equipment and the appropriate way and time to tag and inventory that equipment Yameen also debuted a new procedure, 602.5, which sets the criteria to determine whether a lease meets of a capital lease.

Policy and Procedures on Purchasing of Goods and Services

Troy Morse, Director of Purchasing Services in the Department of Finance and Budget, made changes to the 1200 series of Finance policies and procedures connected to acquisitions. The changes are due to state changes in small purchases and informal building thresholds in state administrative code. Purchases under $25K will no longer require a Waiver of Competition, but purchases over $5K do require a Purchasing Order for capital asset management. The PRC applauded these policies’ role in streamlining the purchasing process.

The PRC and Morse discussed manners to promote the inclusion of women- and minority-owned businesses in University business. Morse shared that his office was attending reverse vendor-fairs to increase access to the bidding process. The PRC also asked about incorporating sustainability into University purchasing. Morse explained that sustainability measures can be included in the request of the purchasing order.

UNC One Card Cardholder Agreement

Melinda Bakken, Director of Campus Card Services and Personal IDs, updated the One Card Cardholder Agreement to reflect current practices. As part of the update, Bakken incorporated information from the One Card Issuance Policy into the Cardholder Agreement and retired the redundant One Card Issuance Policy.

TDX Updates

Matthew Teal, University Policy Analyst, shared that the TDX software will now only send out monthly update emails when a policy officer’s policies are overdue. The TDX system was formerly sending updates even when campus units did not have any overdue policies. PRC members may contact him if they prefer to receive email updates when policies are not overdue.


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