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The Office of Ethics and Policy has been very busy this month with all our Global Ethics Month events! This month, our staff and interns have worked hard to organize an awesome series of discussions and events. Participants have had the opportunity to hear from experts on a number of topics ranging from ethical consumerism to sustainable travel! We would like to say thank you to all of our speakers, participants, and staff who have made the month possible.

Make sure to check out our Global Ethics Month Playlist on YouTube for recordings of each of the following events!

Ethics and our Idols

This event, hosted by Christi Hurt and Melinda Manning, discussed ethical consumerism and the ethical implications of purchasing products created by those who engaged in violence or unethical conduct.

Leading and Healing in the Aftermath of 9/11

This event, featuring Chancellor Emeritus James Moeser, reflected on ethical issues experienced in the aftermath of 9/11, with particular attention to college campuses.

Sustainable Travel Panel

The sustainable travel panel, featuring Josephine Piplits, Mike Piehler, and Tom Rhodes, explored perspectives on how to be eco-friendly when traveling!

Integrity in Action with Kim Strom

This event, featuring our very own Dr. Kim Strom, discussed the many things we can learn from the morally courageous. This presentation unpacked the motivations and measures used by people engaged in moral courage.

Building Community as a Foundation of Ethical Leadership

This interactive workshop, hosted by Dawn Osborne, examined how ethical leadership and community building are inextricably linked. Additionally, the workshop considered how we steward a culture of care in our respective workplaces.

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