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Summer 2021 Intern LunchThe Office of Ethics and Policy recently celebrated the last week of work for its Summer 2021 undergraduate interns. Our interns are critical to the Office’s mission and success.  We’re so excited for what comes next for this extraordinary group of young people.

Ash Huggins

During her internship, Ash enjoyed working on the planning team for the 2021 Global Ethics Month events, as it allowed her to consider the broader background and effects of the policies enacted at UNC. This fall, she will be working on her honors thesis researching how the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the subsequent International Court of Justice case were indicative of the effectiveness of the world order established after World War II and applying to graduate programs in international relations.

Jay Ramesh

Jay enjoyed learning morning about Carolina Ethics Line and researching how other universities operate their campus reporting lines. He met with many amazing people from different universities and conducted interviews with them about their reporting systems. Jay has decided to continue his internship with the Office of Ethics and Policy into the fall semester in the hopes he will be able to learn even more and create a new policy governing reporting lines at Carolina. This fall, Jay is hoping to travel out west to see national parks like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Zion.  Although he’s never been camping before, Jay looks forward to spending a weekend outdoors kayaking and learning how to properly pitch a tent!

Jatin Srivastava

Jatin’s favorite project this summer was working with the University Export Control Officer, Quinton Johnson, in drafting an Export Compliance Manual for the University. He learned a great deal about federal regulations, foreign policy, and how University research interacts with those laws and regulations. He also enjoyed getting to know the passionate, professional, and genuinely fun staff and other interns in the Office of Ethics & Policy. This fall, Jatin will be starting his third year at Carolina studying economics and public policy while spending time learning more about careers in the legal field.  He will be working with the Office of University Counsel as a legal assistant – right next door to the Office of Ethics and Policy!

Jules Oringel

Jules particularly enjoyed analyzing survey data gathering perspectives on a new Carolina Statement of Ethics. She is proud not only of the skills she gained in the process, but in knowing that the team she worked with is making an impact on UNC culture for generations to come. This fall, she is continuing to take classes in the Public Policy Department and will begin her second major in Human Organizational Leadership and Development. In between classes, she plans to continue working remotely for TripDoodler, a Danish startup she worked with in Copenhagen. She looks forward to more opportunities to lead within the Carolina community during her second year at Carolina.

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