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1. Policy Development

Issuing Unit subject matter experts create new policy or update existing policy.

2. Policy Feedback

Issuing Unit gets feedback about draft from relevant stakeholders.

3. Policy Review Committee (PRC)

Issuing unit shares new or substantively updated policies with Policy Liaisons on the PRC for written comment and verbal discussion.

4. Policy Approval

Issuing Unit Vice Chancellor or Dean (or designee) approves final draft.
If high-risk: the Executive Policy Approval Committee (EPAC) also reviews and approves.

5. Policy Communication

Issuing Unit communicates policy update to relevant stakeholders. Policy Office publishes finalized draft on The Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Risk Management (IIRM) briefs cabinet monthly on policy updates.

6. Policy Maintenance

Issuing unit reviews policy document at least once every three years to ensure policy content remains up-to-date. Proceed to Policy Development step if edits are needed.

Policy lifecycle graphic