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Emergency Management and Planning at UNC-Chapel Hill

August 31, 2021

Former Ethics and Policy Intern Jatin Srivastava interviews Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Planning, Darrell Jeter, on his role at the University and important developments as UNC-Chapel Hill returns to in-person work and instruction.

The Office of Ethics & Policy with Dr. Kim Strom

May 28, 2021

Ethics and Policy intern Jatin Srivastava interviews Dr. Kim Strom, Director of the Office of Ethics and Policy at UNC. In the interview, Dr. Strom addresses her role at the Office, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected it, and important developments regarding Ethics and Policy.

Help UNC-Chapel Hill Embrace a Culture of Ethics

April 28, 2021

The Institutional Integrity and Risk Management (IIRM) Office of Ethics and Policy is seeking your input to inform a Carolina Statement of Ethics. Complete this survey to identify words that you value most as a member of the Carolina community.