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The Policy Review Committee convened via Zoom on Thursday, February 16 at 10:00 am.

Ethics and Policy Office Staffing Updates

Matthew Teal, the Associate Director of Ethics and Policy, updated the committee on the office staffing and on the deadlines for this year’s PRC submissions. The PRC also welcomed Shoshana Ellis, the new University Policy Analyst.

Business Policy Travel and Procedures

Next, Rebecca Spanos, the Travel and Payment Card Services Manager, shared the changes to Finance Policy 1501 and supporting Finance Procedures 1501.3, 1501.4, and 1501.6. Through Procedure 1501.3, the University now allows individuals to purchase third-party airfare as a cheaper option when saving either $25 domestically or $100 internationally. Procedures 1501.4 and 1501.6 state that people traveling on university business are now only encouraged, instead of required, to use Concur for lodging and rental car bookings. Procedure 1501.6 was also updated to reflect how travelers can work to request medical accommodations for travel. The committee also discussed communications supporting the change and the benefit of financial tracking regarding who uses Concur.

SHRA Sign-On and Retention Bonus

Next, Adam Beck, Senior Director of Classification and Compensation, outlined the various changes to the University’s SHRA Sign-On and Retention Bonuses Policy. Beck indicated the changes were issued by the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources and UNC-Chapel Hill was simply implementing the required changes. This updated policy now allows for multiple retention bonuses over a 24-month period, if the total does not exceed $2500. Through this change, if additional funds become available for a retention bonus later, the unit can issue an additional retention bonus. This policy also clarifies the definition of NC state government employment and clarifies that being able to issue retention and sign-on bonuses this is a pilot program being studied until Spring 2024. The goal of the program is to see how the policy affects employee recruitment and retention rates.

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