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The Policy Review Committee convened via Zoom on Thursday, January 19 at 10:00 am.

Ethics and Policy Office Staffing Updates

Matthew Teal, the Associate Director of Ethics and Policy, announced the hiring committee for the new University Policy Analyst had made its selection and thanked the PRC members who had served on the committee or had provided feedback about the finalist candidates. Teal was hopeful the selected candidate would accept the offer and begin work in February in time to attend the February 2023 PRC meeting.

Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for University Employees Who Work in Healthcare Facilities

Next, Catherine Brennan, the Executive Director for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) presented updates to EHS Manual Chapter 06.01, Chapter 06.06, and Chapter 06 Appendix A. Brennan noted that the edits only apply to University employees who work in healthcare facilities. Most notably, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) now requires that University employees who work in a healthcare facility receive an annual influenza vaccination. Additionally, University employees who work in healthcare facilities must state, and the University must track, whether those employees have received a COVID-19 booster. Brennan emphasized that the new CMS policy does not require University employees who work in a healthcare facility receive a COVID-19 booster, only that the University must document whether each University employee who works in a healthcare facility has received a COVID-19 booster. There was considerable discussion among the PRC about these new requirements. EHS and the Office of University Counsel are continuing to discuss the new requirements with CMS to clarify areas of confusion and will report back to the PRC as soon as possible.

Policy Training Updates

Next, Brent Eisenbarth, Administrative Support Specialist for Institutional Integrity and Risk Management, shared updates on two policy-related trainings: “Designing Equitable Accessible Policy” and “Policy 101.” “Designing Equitable Accessible Policy” will assist with the onboarding of new Policy Authors and “Policy 101” shows campus users how to develop policy. Both classes are now available in Carolina Talent. Brent and Matthew Teal are still working on developing Policy 201 and Policy 301 classes as well.

Policy Discussion – Minors on Campus

Finally, Starr Sanders, Protection of Minors Program Director, returned to brief the PRC on the research and feedback she had received about minors in academic and administrative spaces following her October 2022 presentation to the PRC. Sanders indicated that the overwhelming consensus was that the University needs to have a policy governing the presence of minors in academic and administrative spaces on campus. Sanders emphasized the need to protect minors from harm and stressed that any future policy will have managerial discretion to allow for occasional “one off” situations. Sanders stated the key point is that employees must not use the University in lieu of childcare. Several PRC representatives indicated their interest in helping Sanders draft a policy. Sanders will return to PRC as soon as possible to present the draft and get additional feedback on the draft.

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