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The University Policy Review Committee (PRC) met virtually on April 14, 2022 and discussed several policy updates.

UNC Policy Framework

Jen DeNeal, Associate Director of Ethics and Policy, presented the UNC Policy Framework to the committee. DeNeal explained how this policy introduces certain changes to the policy review process. New University policies will proceed to the Executive Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC) for review in conjunction with PRC review. As UNC already has nearly 800 policies, the creation of new policies should be an exceptional event. Furthermore, DeNeal explained that UNC Policy Framework also directs the Office of Ethics and Policy to elevate policy edits to EPAC review when appropriate. These procedural changes only apply to University policy, not to Unit policy.

The PRC discussed whether this policy could address the need to retire severely overdue policies and discussed how to promote administrative policy management. Through discussion, the PRC recommended amending the UNC Policy Framework to allow the Office of Policy and Ethics to retire overdue policies in collaboration with EPAC.

University Policy Equity Audit

DeNeal provided a provided a brief overview of the Policy Equity Audit. The audits found structural barriers in policy accessibility and provided recommendations as to how departments can integrate accessibility and equity into their policy design. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reviewed the audit and passed the audit to the provost and chancellor for review. DeNeal stated the goal of aligning the findings of this audit with other UNC policy resources, such as the Policy Style Guide.

Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education

Matthew Teal, University Policy Analyst, shared insights regarding the connection between University policy and enterprise risk. Unreviewed policies that relate to the University’s integrity and mission, regulatory compliance or that risks long-term or short-term harm (i.e., safety manuals) would be assessed as “higher risk”. This would allow policy holders across the University to prioritize their policy review, particularly with regard to overdue policies.

DeNeal shared that the Office of Ethics and Policy is conducting a policy risk review. The Office intends to share this report at the next PRC meeting.

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