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The University Policy Review Committee (PRC) met virtually on December 16, 2021 and discussed several policy updates.

Policy Decommission: Finance Policy 103 Policy on Retention of Financial Records

Christine Shia, Communications Manager, explained that this policy is being decommissioned due to the fact that the content is already covered in the University Records Management Policy. Shia noted that this was a legacy policy. PRC members did not have any questions about the decommission request.

Policy on Additional Employment

Debra McLaughlin, Human Resources Consultant, briefed the PRC on updates to the University Policy on Additional Employment. She noted that these edits are not changing the process HR uses to pay SHRA-exempt employees when they take on teaching assignments. The changes are simply bringing the policy language into compliance and alignment with current practice. PRC members asked if this policy applies to EHRA-NF employees who take on teaching roles, but learned that there is a different policy and process for those individuals. PRC members suggested adding that information, as well as references to other relevant policies to the current draft.

Team Dynamix/Policy Management System Updates

Matthew Teal, University Policy Analyst, presented updates about the University’s new electronic policy repository (TDX). He informed PRC members that TDX updated the search functionality to be more responsive and that PRC members will immediately start seeing those changes. He noted that the approval workflow testing team planned to meet later in the afternoon to finalize workflow processes. The workflows will go-live in January. Finally, he acknowledged feedback from PRC members on the formatting on monthly overdue policy report emails and stated that he is working with TDX to make the emails more user-friendly.

Housekeeping Items

Jen DeNeal, Associate Director, presented the 2022 PRC meeting schedule to members and reminded liaisons of the important of meeting policy and executive summary deadlines prior to each meeting. She also shared preliminary results from the Office of Ethics and Policy equity audit and promised more details and a full report for the committee in January 2022.

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